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aeration and seeding lawn care service - lawn aeration and seeding

Perhaps one of the best practices you can do for your lawn is to have it aerated and seeded on a regular basis. This practice not only helps bring "new life" to old roots, it also introduces newer and better varieties of grass which helps enable your lawn to better resist weed invasions, insect attacks and disease problems.

Similar to benefits seen after repotting an aging and weary root-bound house plant, aeration with seeding keeps your lawn young and actively growing so it can reach its full potential. The flow of air in the soil is also improved, water is better able to reach the grass roots and fertilizer is more available to the grass plants.

The aeration process will leave small holes from the plugs of thatch and soil which are pulled up to the surface of the lawn. These little holes act as perfect resting places for the new seed to germinate. The plugs of soil will decompose over a few weeks after normal mowing, watering and rainfall. Then, an ongoing process of nutrient recycling within the soil continues because the plugs contain microorganisms which help control thatch buildup. All of this results in a stronger more vibrant and healthy turf.

NaturaLawn® of America's proprietary grass seed is specially blended to provide your lawn a better defense against drought conditions and insect and disease attacks.

Remember: Aeration and seeding service in Akron, OH will help:

  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Stimulate root growth
  • Decrease water run-off
  • Increase air and water penetration
  • Improve nutrient uptake via the root system
  • Stimulate microbial activity

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I have had NaturaLawn services for many years. They are reasonably and competitively priced, and I have always been completely satisfied with all their services. Every employee I have come in contact with is always pleasant, friendly and helpful. My lawn looks wonderful. It is also a certified wildlife habitat, so NaturaLawn's commitment to environmentally safe products and procedures it is very important to me. I highly recommend this company and their services - five star rating.

Pam W. – Akron/Springfield Twp, OH

Thank you so much for the great service over the past 15 years. I get many compliments on my yard. You're always there when I have a problem or question. I especially feel safe with the new flea & tick spray. It really works. As you know I [got] Lyme disease 8 years ago in my own yard.

Happy Client – Stow, OH

When we first bought the house in 2003 the lawn was a top priority for us because “Curb Appeal” always enhances a property. We knew we had grandchildren over almost weekly playing outside and we decided to switch to “Organic” fertilizer because it [wouldn’t] be harmful to the kids while playing in the grass. I searched around and finally found “NaturaLawn” and our first meeting with Joyce, the owner, went very good. She understood our goal and agreed that our concerns for the kids was a legitimate one. To my surprise an added benefit of switching to “Organic fertilizer” was the fact that it actually improves the soil content. NaturaLawn started the fertilization program and the picture is the result. I must admit that I always cut my grass at 4 inches and watered almost daily during the summer months.

Felix – Akron, OH

The family who built our three-year old house was unsuccessful in two attempts to seed a lawn. Our grass was in terrible shape; but as a mother and pet owner, I was unwilling to load it up with nasty chemicals. Instead, I called NaturaLawn of America. We now have a beautiful healthy lawn that I can feel good about and my husband touts our "organic" lawn to anyone who will lend an ear.

Susan Horne – Aurora, OH

We started using NaturaLawn of America in the spring of 2013. We were interested in an environmentally friendly way of maintaining our lawn and we found the NaturaLawn method to be exactly what we were looking for. Just in the first season we received many compliments on our lawn and how healthy, lush, and green it was. They also assisted us with our mole problem which we had been struggling with for a while. Joyce and her staff are very friendly and accommodating. They even leave treats for our dog. The service is very affordable and we are definitely customers for life.

Laura B. – Stow, OH

It has been about 2 weeks since our first treatment and I AM AMAZED at the difference in such a short time. I was delighted with your knowledge and customer service attitude. I also think it’s great that you provide a soil analysis as part of your program.

Marlene Beggs – Canton, OH

It is a pleasure to endorse the lawn service we have had from NaturaLawn of America over the past two years. Things have perked up considerably and problem areas eliminated. Thanks so much.

Ann B. – Hudson, OH

Our lawn looks great this spring after just one year of service. We are one of the few lawns in our neighborhood with little to no dandelions. Thank you.

Kathy Skilton – Hudson, OH

We are very pleased with the improvement in our grass this year. Thank you.

Ron Mapp – Canton, OH