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My lawn has greatly improved since having your service started last year. I am very happy so far with the lawn care service. Thank you.

William A. Pohlman – Perry Hall, MD

As a NaturaLawn® of America customer for the past seven years, I have been very happy with their ability to control the weeds in my lawn. Additionally, they have been able to get turf to grow in areas of my lawn that were previously bare due to significant shade. I have also enjoyed getting to know my Lawn Specialist. The fact that the same Lawn Specialist that treated my lawn when I started is still treating my lawn is a testament to the quality of the company.

Shirley Foulke – Pikesville, MD

Eight years ago, when our children were little and crawling, my wife and I decided it was time to get a lawn service. We looked into several other lawn care companies and felt that NaturaLawn offered the safest treatment for our children, our pets, and the environment (little did we know at that time, NaturaLawn was employing practices that have been recently mandated by State Law). To this day, we continue to feel that NaturaLawn is the best fit for our growing family. Our technician is always willing to take time to answer our questions and give us helpful mowing, watering, and seeding advice. Many times, we have neighbors or people who live in our community comment about our green lawn. We always enjoy hearing the compliment and are always happy to tell them of NaturaLawn.

Paul & Deanna Collins – Ellicott City, MD

I like to say that it takes me 60 minutes to cut and trim my grass every week, but it seems too often take two hours to complete. What’s the answer to this riddle? Neighbors and others who drive by often stop me to comment on how lovely my lawn is. I owe this to regular mowing, watering, and NaturaLawn. Using natural, organic products to enhance the beauty of my lawn was one of the driving forces for me to choose NaturaLawn services 5 years ago. In addition to the results I have gotten using NaturaLawn, I like having an assigned technician who calls me to tell me he is going to be applying a treatment the next day and then stopping to talk with me about any actions I should be taking. Should I need any additional service due to extraordinary weather, NaturaLawn makes a service call within a couple days of my call. NaturaLawn is owned and managed by a great team that is very service and customer-focused. In this economy, I find that NaturaLawn provides me with value for the money I pay.

Beth Leaman – Columbia, MD

I originally decided to try NaturaLawn because of a personal concern over environmental runoff into the Chesapeake Bay from the insecticides used by a number of lawn care companies. Plus, I just was not satisfied with the lawn result from another company that I was using. Now, after 3 full years of treatment, I would have to say that my lawn is ‘the envy of the neighborhood’. Not only that, but the service techs are courteous, professional, and punctual. I also used the lawnmower service operation last year and could tell that I was dealing with the same company. I suppose the very best I can say is that ‘It's nice to be treated like a customer’.

Mike Gardner – Baltimore, MD