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Arlington Heights, Barrington, Schaumburg, Palatine, Buffalo Grove and surrounding areas

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There's nothing like well-kept landscaping; it truly enhances your home's exterior. Should you require Barrington organic lawn care, NaturaLawn of America is among the best in the area. We provide the northwest suburbs of Illinois with dependable service all year round.

So, what makes us different? We implement solutions based on your lawn's specific needs, and our incredible team is polite, transparent, and knowledgeable. Consumer education is important to us, so we always let you know about our findings as well as our proposed solutions. We also respect your home; we tell you when we arrive, and we clean up after ourselves before we leave.

NaturaLawn of America offers a host of Barrington organic lawn care services, including:

  • Tree and Shrub Services – We inspect your yard, ensuring there are no pest or disease issues. Then, we decide on a proper treatment method for your lawn. We follow up with an organic-based fertilization solution.
  • Aeration – Ensure your soil and plants receive their nutrients. Aerating your lawn rejuvenates the grass, so it can grow greener and thicker.
  • Grub Control – Our trained technicians remove troublesome white grubs with naturally occurring bacteria. We get the job done, or we give you your money back.
  • 100% Pesticide-Free Lawn Care – Repair soil and increase root growth with this program. We use products formulated without pesticides.
  • Natural Alternative® Ice Melt – Keep your family and friends safe this winter. This product is incredibly easy to use. Plus, it's non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Aeration & Seeding – When you regularly aerate and seed your lawn, you reduce damage from droughts, insects, and diseases. Schedule this service to improve soil quality and plant condition.
  • Organic-Based Lawn Care – We create a specialized program that restores soil and grass while eliminating weeds and insects. Your plants will receive the nutrients they need for deeper, stronger roots.

As a committed Barrington organic lawn care service, we're here for you. Treat your yard with organic-based solutions. Contact us today to receive a free quote.

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Before Mosquito Ranger, we couldn’t enjoy our yard. We’ve been using them for years, and we still have honeybees and other insects – just no mosquitoes. Anthony is a very courteous, dependable and thorough technician.

Tracey M – Wilmington, DE