Rose Care Program

The NaturaLawn® of America Rose Care Program is designed to care for the seasonal needs of roses by creating a healthy environment in which they can flourish. It’s time to enjoy beautiful, healthier roses with our Rose Care Program—another organic-based service by NaturaLawn® of America.
What does the Rose Care Program offer? 
  • A complete customized 6-visit program
  • Properly-timed feedings for California’s long growing season
  • Organic-based fertilizers for better plant nutrition
Our 6-visit program will dramatically improve the health and appearance of your roses!

Dormant Spray: 
  • January – One application of Horticulture Oil for control of insects and mites
Early Feeding: 
  • March-April – Two applications of organic fertilizer to begin the growing season
Pre-Summer Feeding:
  • June – One application of organic fertilizer to prepare your plants for the hot weather 
Fall Feeding:
  • September-October – Two applications of organic fertilizer to make final blooms outstanding and prepare your plants for winter
Here’s what our customers our saying:
I have had my roses for twelve years now. They haven’t had a better growing season than this past one. I give credit to NaturaLawn’s rose care service.” –Dennis in Upland, CA
With a little care and proper nutrition, your roses will produce vigorous blooms and be healthier throughout the changing seasons. Please contact us in Rancho Cucamonga, CA today for your free price quote.

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I just wanted to let you know that the yard looks just great. I’ve never seen it look this good in the 25 years I’ve lived here. You’re doing a super job and I really appreciate it. Gosh, it looks good and I just wanted to let you know. Thank you!

Mel (customer for 3 months) – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Thank you for a beautiful lawn and excellent customer service. Since you have taken over our lawn, we no longer worry about things and WOW what a corner lot view you have given our home! Best of all, I am assured of my children's safety when they play outside due to the natural products that you use.

Johnny J. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We would like to show our appreciation for Mike, our lawn service technician. Mike is very thorough, conscientious and knowledgeable and has done a wonderful job with our lawn. We have been told by all of our neighbors that we have the best looking lawn on the block. Actually, in looking around at many other yards, we believe we have the best looking lawn, period! We want to say "thanks" to Mike for doing such a great job!

Chris E. – Fontana, CA

Mike - Thank you for your great service today. My nephew and I were very impressed and are looking forward to doing business with you. Thank you also for taking so much of your valuable time being so helpful with ALL of our questions. After talking to you, we really trust you and value your expertise and will not hesitate to recommend you. Linda, thank you so much for your great service also. I find you and Mike very easy to work with and accommodating.

Sherry M. – Fontana, CA

NaturaLawn of America has been treating our lawn for over a year and the results are remarkable. The lawn is greener, fuller and even looks healthier.

Rich J. – San Dimas, CA

Thank you for 6 years of reliable, knowledgeable and friendly service. We continue to be very happy with your service and the products that you use to keep our family and the environment healthier. We appreciate all of the great advice and information you provide in order to help us keep our lawn and plants in the best shape possible.

Tina M. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

NaturaLawn of America has been caring for my lawn for several years. They have had a challenge because I am plagued with gophers. They reseeded and in time it is a lawn I can be proud of. They come faithfully every month and if I am not home, leave a note as to what they have done.

Eleanor P. – Claremont, CA

Twenty years ago, I planted Marathon Sod in my front yard. One year ago, I was planning to rip it out and start over, due to a nasty weed infestation that my gardener could not control. Fortunately, I decided to try Mike Gabriel and his company, NaturaLawn of America, first. Mike applies a fertilizer and weed control on my lawn once each month. He also aerates the yard and adds new grass seed from time to time. My yard is finally green and weed free. I am delighted that I tried Mike Gabriel before spending lots of money on a new lawn. My lawn and property has never looked better.

Jim H. – Alta Loma, CA

NaturaLawn of America has serviced our lawn for several years now and it looks great!

Julie A. – Claremont, CA

We have used NaturaLawn of America’s alternative care for over five years. The results are spectacular! Our lawn is the greenest weed free yard in the neighborhood. Our technician is dependable and conscientious. Additional services such as aeration and soil testing give us the opportunity to do what is environmentally best for our geographic and climate conditions.

Areta H. – Upland CA