Grub Control

White grubs are the soil-dwelling larvae of various species of hard-shelled beetles. These grubs, which commonly feed on turfgrass roots, include Japanese Beetles, May or June Beetles, European Chafers, and Northern/Southern Masked Chafers.

Damage from grub feeding can range from mild to severe and first appears as brown patches of dead grass, usually in sunny or exposed locations. If feeding is heavy, the roots are almost completely severed and the sod can be rolled up like a carpet.

Grubs can be found underneath the dead turf and a few inches deeper. They range in size and are typically curled into a "C" shape. Grubs have brown colored heads and their bodies are white to off-white with three pairs of legs near the head.

How do you get rid of grubs in Denver Metro South, CO?

The NaturaLawn® of America solution to your grub problem comes with a money back guarantee using a naturally occurring bacteria that begins to work upon application. It is not harmful to children, pets or the environment. It's a 100% natural biological control.

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