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The Alternative® (Organic-Based) Program

All lawns are not the same. While one may have a pest or disease problem, another may be suffering with signs of burnout. Unfortunately, most lawn care companies fail to recognize this and charge customers for unnecessary treatments. With our organic-based lawn care program in Houston-West, TX, we conduct a soil test first in order to design a customized program based on the specific needs of YOUR lawn.

The Alternative® Program Includes:

  • Natural, organic-based fertilization
  • Balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur
  • Slow-release nutrients to promote deep root growth of grass
  • A 100% natural soil conditioner with trace materials to stimulate growth of micro-flora and replenish depleted soils
  • Selected weed controls*
  • Crabgrass reducer in the spring
  • Insect controls for surface-feeding insects
  • Exclusive Ryzin-Kote™ soil amendment
  • Specifically formulated lawn care treatments using our proprietary products

*Please note: Any weed control and insect control material used is applied in accordance to soil analysis and local conditions. When we apply control materials, we use them sparingly and in conjunction with an ongoing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program.

To help ensure proper environmental stewardship and practices, our proprietary products are formulated without phosphorus. Should soil tests indicate a need for phosphorus, we will make a special application to help correct the nutrient level or when seeding activity is being done, phosphorus may also be applied to help new seedlings develop strong root systems.

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I cannot remember the last time my lawn looked so good and healthy (despite our current drought conditions in Houston) but it has been literally years! I am so happy that I chose your company for my natural lawn care. Your service technicians have all been polite and knowledgeable.

Elisa Bentivoglio – Houston, TX

As part of selling our house we wanted to ensure the yard would be in good shape throughout the months so we asked NaturaLawn to provide their maintenance package. They were very professional and explained all the work before starting. After the process they gave us some more info on watering and said they'd be back in six weeks for another treatment (that would be less work so a smaller fee). The lawn reacted very well and we actually sold the house in under four days so we never got the second treatment (we passed along the info to the new owners). Great service, would use them again.

Chris Rives – Houston, TX

Natural Lawn of America has done an excellent job restoring my tired, drab lawn. They worked their magic with Core Aeration and soil analysis and the proper soil additives. Even with all the dryness my lawn has never looked better. I have many compliments. They do what they say they will do. Great job.

Brenda Williams – Katy, TX

Outstanding customer service. Raoul the technician was on time and very professional. He explained a better watering cycle, did educating on proper grass length and answered many questions we had about our lawn. He not only knew what he was doing but was friendly and professional in explaining why the chinch bugs reappear most summers no matter what we do to keep them away. He also reviewed the current state of our lawn which is fairly poor as it was left that way by other Houston firms that gave it quick sprays with damaging chemicals and then walked away. Super professional, at the price quoted, at the time quoted. Great experience!

Kenneth Jones – Rosharon, TX

They are on time and professional. I see results from what they do. I would recommend them.

Jocelyn Estil – Richmond, TX

Great! They called and provided information, and followed through on all they promised. Our lawn looks healthier.

Diane Landon – Houston, TX

We noticed immediate results after a good rain. We have scheduled for regular fertilizer applications. They have great customer service.

Jean West – Houston, TX