Three Students Win Big After Scholarship Competition Expands


FREDERICK, MD—For the second time, NaturaLawn® of America offered high school seniors and college undergraduates across the country the opportunity to enter an essay contest, for a chance to win scholarship money towards their higher education. Applications for the scholarship were accepted from March to May 2019. Students were encouraged to submit a personal essay, as well as up to three recommendations to be eligible for consideration. The award, named The Dan Collins Scholarship Award, was established in 2017 in memory of former franchise owner, Dan Collins, who passed away from cancer in 2005.

"Dan Collins was a 'larger-than-life' gentleman who always had a funny story to share, an encouraging word for his fellow franchise owners, and a big heart for giving his best to help others," said Phil Catron, the company Founder and President."Dan's efforts in promoting NaturaLawn of America and his franchise in the Richmond, VA area can be summed up by a simple five-word question he was so fond of asking; 'Can I get you started?'"

The scholarship was originally set up to provide a one-time $4,000 stipend to the essay contest winner to be used towards their college education. However, due to the outstanding response and caliber of students who applied this year, NaturaLawn of America decided to award three students with scholarship monies. The winners were awarded $4,000 for first, $1,000 for second, and $500 for third place.

To evaluate each application received, NaturaLawn contacted a retired high school principal familiar with how scholarship awards were determined. With all identifying information redacted, the company asked the retired principal to identify the top three applicants and rank them first, second, and third.

The first-place award recipient was Cole Cerulli, of Maryland. Mr. Cerulli will be attending James Madison University to study finance in the fall of 2019. He is a well-rounded student, accepted into the National Honors Society and Future Farmers of America. Mr. Cerulli is also highly regarded by his teachers, mentors, and classmates as selfless and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Cole Madsen of Iowa was selected as the second recipient of the award. Mr. Madsen is a college sophomore, studying turf management at Des Moines Area Community College. During his high school years, Mr. Madsen began and operated his own lawn care company, Madsen Mowing. His knowledge of turf management helped him during his internships, where his responsibilities included maintaining Minor League Baseball fields and professional golf greens.

The third recipient chosen was Alex Noble, of North Carolina. Mr. Noble will attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, to major in biology with a minor in either forensic science or marine biology. When asked, Mr. Noble stated that receiving the Dan Collins Scholarship award was an honor. He intends to live out the memory of Dan Collins by helping "change the world in his name."

NaturaLawn of America hopes these scholarships will help students prepare for their futures with less financial burden. The company also plans to expand the contest in the future, to offer more scholarship opportunities.

Headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, NaturaLawn of America is a national lawn care franchise system with 36 owners holding 91 licenses, and servicing over 100,000 customers in 24 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, please visit us on the web at

Cole Cerulli
Cole Cerulli (center) during his visit to NaturaLawn of America Corporate Office in Downtown Frederick, MD. Also pictured from left to right are Theresa Smith (Marketing Director), Phil Catron (President), Michael Cerulli (Cole’s father), Michelle Cerulli (Cole’s mother), and Jesse Catron (COO).

Cole Madsen
Cole Madsen, the second-place winner, attends Des Moines Area Community College and is studying turf management.

Cole Cerulli
Alex Noble, third-place winner, will attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

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My lawn is beautiful.  It has never looked this good.  It looks like lush green velvet.  We only had one dandelion this spring and it was on the edge of our property, so it must have been the neighbor’s!

Jennifer L. Lloyd – Bear, DE

For over 22 years, NaturaLawn of America has been creating naturally beautiful lawns that are safer for you, your family, pets and the environment.  Of course our satisfied customers say its best!
In less than a year, my lawn has gone from one of the worst on the block to among the best.  This is quite an accomplishment considering we have well water and, therefore, never water the lawn.  The  service is also top notch – friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to explain why they’re doing what they’re doing.

Stewart Kaufman – Southbury, CT

NaturaLawn of America has cared for my lawns now for 10 years (2 houses) and I am completely satisfied with your company.  My service technician is friendly, caring and knowledgeable.  I’m happy with the results, how you care for my lawn and the prices you charge – happy enough that I recommend you to others and I tear up ads from competitors without even reading them.
My husband and I are currently acquiring a house in New Hampshire.  There is no question that I will want NaturaLawn of America service at that house.  It is a true pleasure to work with a “national” company that treats their customers in a local business manner.

Anne Bullitt – Newark, DE

I’m just dropping you a note to let you know that we are very pleased with your lawn service, the way we are treated and the beautification of our lawn.  Many families have seen our lawn and are very impressed by the way it looks.  They are even more impressed that you are an organic-based company and use 85% less chemicals and pesticides.  We have referred many of our friends and neighbors and will continue to refer people as the opportunity arises.

Jack & Sherrie Decker – Plainview, MN

Our lawn is beautiful.  Thank you for the great results AND for protecting my family and the environment from unnecessary chemicals and pesticides.  It’s nice to have a lawn care company that is concerned about my lawn, my family and the environment.  When people are looking for a healthy, nice lawn, friendly service AND a safer lawn care option, I highly recommend they call NaturaLawn of America.

Pete Plimmer – Wilmington, DE

You are doing a great job! We are glad we switched to NaturaLawn of America and are spreading the word about the super job you do.

Steve Pfannenstein – Rockville, MN

I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with NaturaLawn of America.  I had never used a lawn service before.  I’m against putting more chemicals into the environment, so I decided to see what you could do organically.  My lawn was 1 ½ years old – builder grade seed on builder soil! It was a lawn in need of some help, but I didn’t know how wonderful it could look.
Two days ago, my neighbor (who used one of the top chemical lawn companies) sounded a little baffled and asked what I do to my lawn – It looks like a carpet!  We just smiled and said “NaturaLawn of America”.  That’s when I took a good look at my lawn and everyone else’s - our lawn is thick and green.  Despite the recent drought, despite our lack of attention to our lawn, and despite its humble beginnings, it is a magnificent piece of work.

Paul & Doris Pavlichek – Mount Airy, MD

This is our second year with NaturaLawn of America and I can’t say how much we appreciate your work. The yard is awesome!

Don Strei – Elk River, MN