Why NaturaLawn?

NaturaLawn of America pioneered the breakthrough into environmentally responsible lawn care. We believe it's our responsibility to educate homeowners and commercial users alike—rather than simply sell products—because the truth is that the picture-perfect, weed-free, insect-free lawn is a myth that endorses unnecessary and irresponsible pesticide use.

At NaturaLawn of America, our environmentally friendly approach to lawn care has been creating green lawns quickly, more naturally, and with fewer weeds since 1987.

We can give you a healthier, environmentally better lawn than traditional chemical lawn care companies at comparable prices. No other lawn care company can offer our exclusive, proprietary product lines, all of which are made to our specifications and packaged exclusively for NaturaLawn of America.

We chose environmental stewardship over traditional lawn care practices.

While the rest of the lawn care industry continued to randomly spray pesticides whether needed or not, we developed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system, which was unprecedented in lawn care. Compared to traditional chemical lawn care companies, our IPM system has reduced weed and insect control usage on lawns by over 85%. How?

  • By preserving the natural enemies of our turf pests.
  • By introducing newly developed turf varieties with natural pest resistance.
  • By providing continuing consumer education on the proper cultural practices of mowing and watering.

It's about you.

You're a neighbor, not a number. The NaturaLawn® of America franchise serving you is owned and operated by someone who lives in your area—and because we live and work locally, we take great pride in doing things the neighborly way. Here's what you can expect from us:

  • We will knock on your door and say hi before we do your lawn treatment.
  • We will clean off your sidewalk, driveway and porch area of leaves or debris when we're finished.
  • We will leave a personal, hand-written note after each visit, including helpful tips to enhance the results of your treatment.
  • We understand your pets are members of your family. Out of respect and courtesy, should your dog be outside and you are not at home when we visit your property, we won't treat your lawn until we've contacted you and arranged to have your pet inside.

Get the results you want and the peace of mind you deserve. Please contact us today to get started.

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In the spring of 2003 my neighbor called and asked me to meet with a friend of his that treats lawns with all natural products. Owning a home on Island Lake, I thought this might be a good idea. After listening to NaturaLawn of America, I knew it was a great plan, not only for my lawn, but for the lake, fish, and birds as well. After my first application, the difference was HUGE. I have passed this information on to both my neighbors who now also use ALL NATURAL LAWN CARE from NaturaLawn of America for their fertilizing and weed control service. EXCELLENT job - well done! Thank you again.

Jay Ambrose – Island Lake, IL

We get lots of compliments on our lawn!

Kathy Butler – Palatine, IL

I just mowed my lawn and it looks like a million bucks! I wanted to let you know how pleased I am. I have been a customer here for nearly 6 years. Here's a picture of my beautiful lawn! Thanks!

Nancy – Woodstock, IL

A do-it yourselfer by nature, I tried everything on the market to rid myself of the thatch, creeping charlie and whatever else lived in my lawn. I could transform my backyard into a lovely garden oasis, but my green thumb proved useless when it came to my lawns needs. In walks Jeff Trewyn, General Manager/Owner of Natural Lawn of America. In less than a year's time, Natural Lawn of America has eliminated the thatch, creeping charlie and dandelions from my property. Healthier, greener, and no longer plagued with weeds, my lawn now compliments my lovely gardens. I finally found the smart solution… Thank you, NaturaLawn of America!

Regina – Wauconda, IL

I started having my lawn treated with NaturaLawn of America at the beginning of the season and I have been so impressed with the results. I have a large corner lot on a suburban street so my home is quite visible to friends and neighbors. My grass has become thick and lush, with almost no weeds (and when a weed does pop up the lawn technicians take care of them quickly). I take much pride in my landscape so it has been particularly fun when neighbors stop me to tell me how great my lawn looks. The neighbor behind me asked about my service and I told it was NaturaLawn of America where only organic-based products are used she was very excited and is now encouraging her subdivision to use the product as well. She also has two dogs and said she is grateful that I'm not using pesticides... her dogs like to walk around my yard. I would recommend NaturaLawn to anyone who has pets/children, cares about the environment and wants a beautiful lawn. Thanks NaturaLawn!

Sarah – Wheaton, IL

Ours is one of the best looking lawns on the block now!

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lee – Fox River Grove, IL

Our yard was in terrible shape when we bought our home. Being first-time homeowners, we were unsure how to tackle the daunting task of improving our yard. We contacted NaturaLawn of America for assistance. Within a week, they were at our home beginning the process of turning our yard around. After 2 weeks we saw significant improvement. We are extremely happy and couldn't be more pleased with the service and dedication that NaturaLawn of America has shown in turning our yard around. We would recommend them to anyone!

Brian Cleland – Belleville, IL

We cannot believe how wonderful our lawn looks AND FEELS after just this one application. Our neighbors called for the reference to our lawn care service just after two weeks of the application. We cannot keep up with the mowing because the grass is growing happily! And the weed application really did its job...and we'll be calling them again for some spot treatments. We cannot be more pleased; and to know it is all from safer, healthy products so my children can play in our yard is priceless. (We may have a problem with our croquet, though, because the lawn is very thick now!) This is truly an answer to time spent researching on the internet and to our prayers. Thank You!

Joe & Darla Lucero – Hoffman Estates, IL

Our grass is healthier than our next door neighbors who have a sprinkler system! Very Nice!

Christa Bavaro – Hoffman Estates, IL

Our lawn has greatly improved since we began your service, especially after the Soil Amendment. Very satisfied with our lawn technician and very pleased with the office staff. They are always very efficient, serviceable and accommodating. Look forward to next season!

Richard Lawrenz – Palatine, IL

Our lawn was brown and had tons of Creeping Charlie, now it’s lush and weed free! We love it!

Kate Doesburg – Batavia, IL

My lawn has never looked better.

John Lowry – Woodstock, IL

My neighbors always want to know how our lawn stays so green!

Raymond Cerny – Mundelein, IL