Mole Control

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Moles can cause damage to lawns, gardens, nurseries, parks, golf courses and cemeteries. Their basic diet consists of live earthworms, grubs, beetles, ants and other insect larvae.

Moles burrow/tunnel through the ground and can tunnel up to 15 feet per hour. Moles are present year round, but from spring to fall their tunnels are just a few inches below the surface for feeding purposes. These shallow tunnels appear as ridges from the surface.

How can you get rid of moles in Newtown, CT?

At NaturaLawn of America, we use biorational repellents to safely and effectively get rid of moles. Our biorational products are biodegradable and not harmful to humans, pets, birds or plant life. 

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Our lawn has NEVER looked so great!

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We have been very pleased with NaturaLawn of America. The service is prompt and friendly. The results have been gratifying. Our lawn looks lush and green and we have received many compliments. I highly recommend the service. And of course, it's organic!

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We are so pleased with your care of our lawn and also with the pleasant technician. 'We're looking so good in the neighborhood'.

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We are extremely happy with NaturaLawn of America services. The lawn products are completely organic, and our lawn has shown a dramatic improvement in its appearance over the past two years. The staff is always courteous and knowledgeable and they go the extra mile to provide impeccable service. Thank you!

Steve and Claudia Sieber – Sandy Hook, CT