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The Alternative® (Organic-Based) Program

All lawns are not the same. While one may have a pest or disease problem, another may be suffering with signs of burnout. Unfortunately, most lawn care companies fail to recognize this and charge customers for unnecessary treatments. With our organic-based lawn care program in Oklahoma City, OK, we conduct a soil test first in order to design a customized program based on the specific needs of YOUR lawn.

The Alternative® Program Includes:

  • Natural, organic-based fertilization
  • Balanced nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur
  • Slow-release nutrients to promote deep root growth of grass
  • A 100% natural soil conditioner with trace materials to stimulate growth of micro-flora and replenish depleted soils
  • Selected weed controls*
  • Crabgrass reducer in the spring
  • Insect controls for surface-feeding insects
  • Exclusive Ryzin-Kote™ soil amendment
  • Specifically formulated lawn care treatments using our proprietary products

*Please note: Any weed control and insect control material used is applied in accordance to soil analysis and local conditions. When we apply control materials, we use them sparingly and in conjunction with an ongoing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program.

To help ensure proper environmental stewardship and practices, our proprietary products are formulated without phosphorus. Should soil tests indicate a need for phosphorus, we will make a special application to help correct the nutrient level or when seeding activity is being done, phosphorus may also be applied to help new seedlings develop strong root systems.

For a free estimate on The Alternative® Organic-Based lawn care program, fill out the form on the right or read the differences between our two natural lawn care programs.

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We wanted to let you and your staff know how pleased we are with the results we've seen this year. For years we spent hours each weekend trying to take care of the lawn ourselves and this year we decided to let NaturaLawn of America take over. My lawn looks better than it ever has and the advice your technician gives me during the visits is really paying off! Keep up the good work.

Tony & Cherie Martin – Edmond, OK

Great Job! I really appreciate the extra time you took to blow off any fertilizer that may have gotten onto my porch and side walk. I had family in from out of town that same day, and other than the fact that my lawn looks great, they had no idea that anyone had been there to work on it. It's nice to see someone take the time to make that extra little effort.

Charlotte Evans – Nichols Hills, OK

I have received several comments from my neighbors in regards to how good the lawn looks. They are even more impressed when I tell them NaturaLawn of America is an organic-based company. Thanks!

Anita Haftek – Yukon, OK

Beau and the staff are not only great at providing an organic treatment for our lawn and pets, but are also very easy to work with and extremely reliable. I recommend them to anyone interested in their services.

Katie & Will Merrick – Oklahoma City, OK

I just wanted to compliment you and your staff on the great job you do! Anytime I have a question, or need advice on what to do with my lawn you are always available, and provide a solution that has never failed. You have helped to make my yard beautiful, and I would recommend your lawn care service to everyone! Thank you!

Karen – Oklahoma City, OK