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NaturaLawn® of America, Inc. The Leader In Organic-Based Lawn Care®
NaturaLawn of America

Safer Lawn Care Naturally

NaturaLawn® of America’s environmentally friendly approach to organic-based lawn care has been growing green lawns quickly, more naturally, and with fewer weeds since 1987. Find the right lawn care services near you with NaturaLawn.

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Have a Lush Green Lawn, Naturally, and With Fewer Weeds

A one-size-fits-all chemical program is not a safe approach to lawn care. As the recognized leader in environmentally responsible lawn care services, our approach is safer and more effective than traditional chemical services. Our NaturaLawn of America lawn care programs are customized to the needs of each individual lawn. We work with your complete yard environment to create a naturally healthy lawn that stays that way.
Personalized service for your lawn care needs

Personalized service for your lawn care needs.

Exclusive, natural and organic-based fertilizers

Exclusive, natural and organic-based fertilizers.

Effective and safer weed and insect controls

Effective and safer weed and insect controls.

Why NaturaLawn?

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NaturaLawn of America pioneered the breakthrough into environmentally responsible, all-natural lawn care & lawn fertilization services. We believe it's our responsibility to educate homeowners and commercial users alike—rather than simply sell lawn care products—because the truth is that the picture-perfect, weed-free, insect-free lawn is a myth that endorses unnecessary and irresponsible pesticide use. Learn how NaturaLawn of America can help you get a beautiful lawn with our all-natural fertilization services and more.

At NaturaLawn of America, our environmentally friendly approach to lawn care has been creating green lawns quickly, more naturally, and with fewer weeds since 1987.

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What Our Customers Say

I have referred several people to your company in the past and part of the reason is that your workers are always super friendly and polite, including the guy who showed up today to begin our spring treatment. I appreciate this! 

- Carolee

I would like to thank Kenny for the great service he provided for my lawn needs. It's the end of November and my lawn is as green as in late spring. One thing that impressed me was how he took the time to blow all the leaves out of way before applying treatment. And to top that, he brings my trash cans in from the street. After using many other lawn services NaturaLawn hit it out of the park . Looking forward to…

- Terry

Daniel is always courteous and always friendly. Yesterday we spoke at length about the new grass added to replace the frozen tundra left from the BIG FREEZE! He offered some helpful hints and cautioned me to watch for bugs. We spoke about dove weed and what currently can and cannot be done. I highly recommend Daniel as a service consultant. Honestly, all the folks whom have been to my yard over the years have…

- Jennifer Cutler

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