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NaturaLawn® of America, Inc. The Leader In Organic-Based Lawn Care®

Our Two Unique Programs

Every lawn poses its own unique challenges based on different types of weeds or pests. So, to accommodate your own needs and desires for your lawn, we offer two safer and proven lawn care programs—the Natural Alternative® Program and the Alternative® Program.

Natural Alternative® Program

No pesticides or weed controls will be applied to the lawn under this program unless you specifically request treatment. There is an additional charge, and we reserve the right to refuse the application of any pesticides should conditions be inappropriate.

Alternative® Program

Any weed and insect control material used is applied in accordance to soil analysis and local conditions. When we apply control materials, we use them sparingly and in conjunction with an ongoing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Two Unique
The Natural Alternative®
Program A — Pesticide-free
  The Alternative®
Program B — Organic-based
Natural, organic-based fertilization  
Balanced nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur
Controlled-release nutrients to promote deep root growth
100% natural soil conditioner with trace materials to stimulate growth of micro-flora and replenish depleted soils
Probiolizer, a proprietary blend of beneficial microbes to help energize and protect the root system
Selected weed controls Organic Option Available
Crabgrass reducer in the Spring Organic Option Available
Insect controls for surface-feeding insects Organic Option Available
Specially formulated treatments
Exclusive Ryzin-Kote™ soil amendment

For more information on the lawn care service programs shown above, contact us today.

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