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Aeration & Seeding Service

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Aerating and seeding your lawn helps fill in bare patches and promotes a healthy turf that combats weeds. Help your lawn reach its full potential. The lawn care experts at NaturaLawn are standing by near you to aerate and seed your lawn.

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Benefits of Lawn Aeration and Seeding Service from NaturaLawn of America

Reduced Soil Compaction

Hard-packed soil is broken up by the aeration process. Soil can be compacted by cars, kids, your walk to get the paper, dogs, parking on your lawn, the regular path taken by your mail carrier. Traffic of any kind over your lawn can compress the ground and make it harder for grass to grow.

Fill Thin Patches

Seeding your lawn, especially right after the lawn has been aerated, helps fill in spots where grass is not growing dense and thick. The holes created by aeration provide an ideal home for new grass seed to thrive.

Water Retention

With more grass plants growing within the same amount of space (after a hearty round of aeration and seeding), you should experience decreased water run-off. Your lawn should be able to absorb more of the water that you or mother nature provides.

Turf Root Growth

You want a thick lawn. But you don't want a lawn that is just a shallow layer of turf underneath. Without proper aeration, grass roots can start to grow like a carpet. Aeration helps grass grow down into the ground, rather than just across the surface, by punching holes through thick turf.

Air and Water Penetration

Aeration and seeding provides greater air and water penetration for a more resilient lawn. When more air and water reach the lawn's roots, the lawn is better able to tolerate drought and stress.

Nutrient Uptake

The cores, or plugs, of soil that aeration leaves behind on top of your lawn break down and serve as fertilizer for the new grass seeds laid down during seeding. Aeration and seeding redistributes nutrients over your lawn that grass plants new and old hungrily gobble up.

Microbial Activity

Microbes are key to lawn health. Microbes play a substantial role in breaking down the soil cores left behind by aeration. Rain and foot traffic also help break down the cores, but microbes facilitate the chemical processes that release nutrients into your lawn.

What Is Lawn Aeration And Seeding?

Aeration is the process of punching holes into a lawn and then depositing the resulting soil cores on top of the lawn. Seeding is then spreading grass seed over the aerated lawn so that seeds land on the soil cores and in the newly punched holes—both great places for grass to grow with access to nutrients.

How Much Does It Cost To Aerate And Seed My Lawn?

Every lawn is a unique ecosystem of soil, plants, water, and sun, so it's best to get a customized quote based on your specific lawn care needs.

Why Should I Have My Lawn Aerated And Seeded?

Perhaps one of the best practices you can do for your lawn is to have it aerated and seeded on a regular basis. This practice not only helps bring "new life" to old roots, it also introduces newer and better varieties of grass which helps enable your lawn to better resist weed invasions, insect attacks and disease problems. Aeration and seeding also helps with controlling and preventing brown patches.

Why Is It Beneficial To Aerate And Seed At The Same Time?

Similar to benefits seen after repotting an aging and weary root-bound houseplant, aeration with seeding keeps your lawn young and actively growing so it can reach its full potential. The flow of air in the soil is also improved, water is better able to reach the grass roots and fertilizer is more available to the grass plants.

What Is The Purpose Of The Holes Lefts By Lawn Aeration?

The aeration process will leave small holes from the plugs of thatch and soil which are pulled up to the surface of the lawn. These little holes act as perfect resting places for the new seed to germinate. The plugs of soil will decompose over a few weeks after normal mowing, watering and rainfall. Then, an ongoing process of nutrient recycling within the soil continues because the plugs contain microorganisms which help control thatch buildup. All of this results in a stronger, more vibrant and healthy turf.

NaturaLawn® of America's proprietary grass seed is specially blended to provide your lawn a better defense against drought conditions and insect and disease attacks.

Remember: Aeration and seeding service will help:

  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Fill thin patches
  • Decrease water run-off
  • Stimulate root growth
  • Increase air and water penetration
  • Improve nutrient uptake via the root system
  • Stimulate microbial activity

What Can I Expect From NaturaLawn's Lawn Aeration Service?


The experienced lawn care technicians from NaturaLawn will arrive promptly and in uniform. They will aerate and seed your lawn with commercial-grade equipment.

No Inconvenience To You

Our team can complete aeration and seeding without you needing to be present. We're always happy to meet our customers, but we're just as happy to accommodate your schedule by performing lawn care service when you are unavailable in person.

Soil Cores

The aeration process will deposit plugs of soil on top of your lawn. Seeding will spread high-quality grass seeds throughout your lawn and in the holes created by aeration. Within a few weeks the soil plugs will break down. Rain, foot traffic, and microbes will disperse the nutrients within the plugs to the new grass seed.

A Lawn To Be Admired

A greener, thicker lawn will be on the way after aeration and seeding. The new pathways for air, water, nutrients, and seeds to reach deep into your lawn will help new grass growth to fill in thin patches. You'll have a robust lawn that you'll be proud to call your own.

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