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NaturaLawn® of America, Inc. The Leader In Organic-Based Lawn Care®

Lawn Care Service

Every lawn poses its own unique challenges based on different types of weeds or pests. As the recognized leader in environmentally responsible lawn care services, our approach is safer and more effective than traditional chemical services.

At NaturaLawn of America®, we always start with a soil test and then customize our programs around the specific needs of your lawn using our proprietary blends of natural fertilizers and controls. We work with your complete yard environment to create a naturally healthy lawn that stays that way.

Two Unique
Nature's Lawn® Programs
The Natural Alternative®
Program A — Pesticide-free
  The Alternative®
Program B — Organic-based
Natural, organic-based fertilization  
Balanced nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur
Controlled-release nutrients to promote deep root growth
100% natural soil conditioner with trace materials to stimulate growth of micro-flora and replenish depleted soils
Probiolizer, a proprietary blend of beneficial microbes to help energize and protect the root system
Selected weed controls Organic Option Available
Crabgrass reducer in the Spring Organic Option Available
Insect controls for surface-feeding insects Organic Option Available
Specially formulated treatments
Exclusive Ryzin-Kote™ soil amendment

It's All About the Soil

On our first visit, we will obtain a sample of your soil to analyze what essential nutrients are available as well as those that are lacking.

One of the most essential elements of this analysis is your soil's pH value. Soil that is too acidic or too alkaline can affect naturally occurring nutrients and make food from fertilizer applications unavailable to the turf.

The amount of organic matter your soil holds is also an important factor. Adequate levels will help hold moisture and nutrients during drought periods, insulate the lawn against extreme conditions and allow for the continual feeding of your lawn during periods between fertilizer applications.

Providing Necessary Treatments

On our next visit, we will begin treating your soil and lawn based on the results of the soil test. As part of this treatment, we will work towards:

  • Supplying specific nutrients as needed.
  • Adjusting your soil's pH balance.
  • Increasing your soil's organic matter.

Your lawn's treatment program will be one which improves the soil and enhances fertility — not an artificial stop-gap chemical measure that temporarily treats symptoms and causes deficiencies in the land.

Natural Fertilizer

Over the next several visits, we will begin feeding your soil with our natural fertilizer blends. Our proprietary organic-based fertilizers help to build a soil that:

  • Encourages dense root systems and vigorous turf.
  • Promotes active soil organisms.

When we apply fertilizer, we are indeed feeding the grass plants, but we are doing so by feeding the soil life. This makes our organic-based fertilizers important because while green plants don't know the difference between organic and synthetic fertilizers, the soil organisms do. Feeding soil life first builds a foundation on which your lawn will thrive.

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Natural Controls

NaturaLawn of America prefers natural controls over synthetic pesticides and we are always exploring new products. Natural controls generally:

  • Are more environmentally friendly by being pest specific.
  • Do not last long and break down readily into the ecosystem.
  • Require expertise to incorporate into a lawn care system due to specific application limitations.

While natural controls may be more expensive than synthetic pesticides, NaturaLawn believe their benefits are important and works to ensure a safer and better home lawn environment.

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Integrated Pest Management Book

Environmentally Responsible Lawn Care

We literally wrote the book on it - well, part of it anyway. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) coordinated efforts to put together a textbook entitled "Integrated Pest Management for Turfgrass and Ornamentals." NaturaLawn of America is proud and honored to have been asked to author the chapter entitled "Implementation of an IPM Program into a Lawn Care Operation."

Essentially, an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a lawn care system that provides for reduced, better and safer use of materials to control insects, weeds and diseases. Through proper prevention, monitoring and controlling, NaturaLawn pioneered IPM that challenged the old tradition of "see and spray" pest control.

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Get started today, request a free price quote or give us a call and we will schedule your soil test and go over your goals and desires for your lawn. With our personalized service, organic-based fertilizers and safer weed and insect controls, you can have a lush green lawn, naturally, and with fewer weeds.

To help ensure proper environmental stewardship and practices, our proprietary products are formulated without phosphorus. Should soil tests indicate a need for phosphorus, we will make a special application to help correct the nutrient level or when seeding activity is being done, phosphorus may also be applied to help new seedlings develop strong root systems.

Free Price Quote

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