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At NaturaLawn, we strive to provide exceptional lawn care that is also environmentally conscious. We aim to keep your lawn green. And the planet too. Our guiding principle is to use organic-based lawn maintenance applications and practices wherever possible—and to therefore keep the use of synthetic pesticides to an absolute minimum.

We are committed to providing you with a safer choice in lawn care services.

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Don't see a NaturaLawn® of America provider in your area?

Even if we don't have any providers in your area, there are still options for safer, effective lawn care we can offer. Our partner Natural Alternative enables you to buy just the lawn care applications you need. If you’ve got elbow grease to spare and don’t mind taking on lawn maintenance yourself, you can use the same organic-based lawn care products that the experts at NaturaLawn use.

Natural Alternative

Natural Alternative

Check out our sister company, Natural Alternative for do-it-yourself lawn and garden products. At Natural Alternative, we pride ourselves on providing customers with environmentally friendly lawn care products that work. We believe that safety should be a top priority for everyone, which is why our products are designed to protect both people and pets who use your outdoor space. Rather than harsh chemicals, our lawn care maintenance and garden products use natural ingredients to give you a healthier lawn, more beautiful flowers, and fewer pests.

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Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Opportunities

We also offer franchise opportunities! Visit to learn more about opening your own NaturaLawn® of America business. Join an exceptional network of organic-based lawn care providers and get actionable insights from our seasoned franchise owners to help you grow your business. NaturaLawn was listed in the top 100 of home service franchises in 2021 by Franchise Connect® and was listed in the top 200 of franchises in 2022 by Franchise Business Review™.

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The Benefits of Hiring an Organic-based Lawn Care Provider

An organic-based lawn care provider is a professional service that focuses on maintaining and improving the health and appearance of lawns using natural and environmentally friendly methods. This type of provider uses organic products, such as compost, mulch, and natural fertilizers, instead of chemical-based ones, to enhance the health and beauty of lawns. Here are benefits you can expect from hiring an organic-based lawn care provider.

How an Organic-based Lawn Care Provider Can Benefit Your Lawn

There are several benefits to choosing an organic-based lawn care provider, including:

Improved Soil Health

An organic-based lawn care provider will use natural products that enhance the health of your soil, making it easier for your lawn to absorb the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Enhanced Root Growth

By improving the health of the soil, an organic-based lawn care provider can also enhance root growth, which can lead to a healthier, thicker lawn.

Reduced Risk of Chemical Exposure

Chemical-based lawn care products can be hazardous to people, pets, and the environment. By choosing an organic-based provider, you can reduce the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Better Water Retention

Organic products can improve water retention in the soil, reducing the risk of drought stress and helping your lawn to stay healthy and lush even during dry spells.

Long-term Benefits

Unlike chemical-based products that can have a negative impact on the environment over time, organic products have a more positive and sustainable impact on your lawn and the surrounding ecosystem.

Choosing the Right Organic-based Lawn Care Provider

When choosing an organic-based lawn care provider, it's important to consider the following factors:


Look for a provider that has a proven track record of success with organic-based lawn care methods.

Service Offerings

Make sure the provider offers the services you need to maintain and improve the health and appearance of your lawn.


Get a quote from several different providers to compare prices and find the best value for your budget.


Read online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family to find a provider with a positive reputation.

For more help keeping your yard in prime shape, see the top lawn care tips from the experts at NaturaLawn