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Perimeter Pest Control Service

Perimeter pest control

Control Pests the Natural Way

Insects perform vital functions in their ecosystems, from pollinating flowers to helping break down dead plant matter. In your home, however, insects are just a nuisance. Our pest control specialists can keep insects where they belong by applying environmentally friendly materials around the perimeter of your house.

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Targeted Pests

The NaturaLawn® of America Perimeter Pest Control Program is designed to minimize the number of "creepy crawly" insects such as ants, spiders, boxelder bugs, sow bugs (roly-polys), beetles, millipedes, crickets, centipedes and earwigs that invade your home from time to time.

Natural Pest Control You Can Feel Good About

On a regular basis, we apply a protective barrier around your home. You will feel better knowing we use biological and biorational materials that are safer for your family and pets. This also eliminates the need for a pest control company to spray the perimeter.

Natural vs. Synthetic Pest Control

Insect damage on lawns can be prevented by using controls that come from nature (such as biological and biorational controls) or those that come from chemical synthesis (man-made pesticides). At NaturaLawn of America, we use natural methods to control pests on lawns whenever possible because they tend to have fewer unintended consequences than synthetic controls. Synthetic insect controls typically have negative effects on both beneficial as well as turf-damaging insects.

Biological Pest Controls

Milky Spore, Nematodes and BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) are biological controls. They are living materials that can attack and deter insects.

Biorational Pest Controls

NEEM (oil extract), pyrethrum (extract from chrysanthemums) and insecticidal soaps (derived from fatty acids) are some examples of biorational controls. They are non-living materials, but they are also not man-made synthetic chemical pesticides. Biorational pest controls generally affect insects in one of three ways:

  1. Presenting the insect from maturing to adulthood by disrupting the molting phase.
  2. Deterring insects from a usual food source because the biorational makes it taste bad,
  3. Killing the insect if it ingests a sufficient quantity of the biorational agent.

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Environmentally Conscious Pest Control Service

At NaturaLawn we believe in being stewards of the environment. Therefore, in order to minimize pests in your home while also being gentle on the planet, we use biological and biorational pest controls, rather than synthetic chemical pesticides, wherever possible. Contact us to have one of our perimeter pest control experts discuss your specific needs.

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