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Of Natural Interest

The local company is the answer to deliver compliant, natural lawn care to area residents.
Franchise Gator, an online franchise directory, has chosen NaturaLawn® of America as one of the Top Franchises for 2020.
NaturaLawn of America is pleased to welcome Elvin Wolfe and Kevin Rutledge as Regional Managers.
FREDERICK, MD—For the second time, NaturaLawn® of America offered high school seniors and college undergraduates across the country the opportunity to enter an essay contest, for a chance to win scholarship money towards their higher education. Applications for the scholarship were accepted from March to May 2019. Students were encouraged to submit a personal essay, as well as up to three recommendations to be…
NaturaLawn of America ranks as top 100 fastest growing franchises in Franchise Gator online directory.
Just a mere mention of ticks can cause some people to feel unsettled. The idea of any insect latching on and sucking the blood of a human is pretty disconcerting. This is why people all over the country often turn to natural solutions for help in controlling and managing ticks.
The corporate office in Frederick, Maryland implements Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to increase energy efficiency.
Franchise Gator, an online franchise directory, has chosen NaturaLawn® of America as a 2019 Top 100 franchise.
After providing organic-based lawn care to over 100,000 customers nationwide, NaturaLawn is excited to bring its services to Scranton.
Customer service, a tailored approach and trained technicians providing natural, organic treatment are the three keys to success for NaturaLawn of America in Pittsburgh.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning about a new tick species in the U.S. that it says is capable of spreading diseases dangerous to humans and other animals. The Asian longhorned tick, an arachnid native to Korea and other parts of East Asia, has been found in several states in the eastern and southeastern parts of the United States.
In conjunction with the national event known as America Recycles Day, Frederick County Government has announced the winners of its Business Waste Reduction and Recycling Award.
Looking to hire a professional lawn care service and not sure where to start? Here are 8 quick tips to read before you research companies.
Many lawn care customers want to know which is better—organic fertilizers or synthetic fertilizers. Read what NaturaLawn of America had to say in this Turf magazine article on organic fertilizers vs. synthetic.  

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