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Lawn Pesticides Explained

What Are Lawn Pesticides?

Lawn pesticides are materials used to control insects, weeds, diseases and a host of other pests—not just insects. You might also see the individual materials that fall under the blanket term “lawn pesticides” referred to by a more specific name that indicates what the material treats: insecticide (insects), herbicide (weeds), fungicide (fungi), acaricide (ticks and mites), or rodenticide (rodents). These materials can be synthetic (man-made) or biological and biorational (derived from items in nature).

There are many common household items that we do not normally perceive as pesticides, yet they are. For instance:

  • Clorox® Regular-Bleach used in our washing of clothes is an EPA-registered pesticide.
  • Common soap mixed with water and sprayed onto potted plants is considered a pesticide.
  • A pet's flea collar is a pesticide.
  • Your lawn care service may use pesticides.
  • The surgical room at a hospital has been treated with pesticides.

So, does this mean that pesticides are safe or dangerous? It means neither, but there are things you should be aware of.

A Company You Can Trust With Lawn Pesticides

At NaturaLawn of America, we understand the public's concern and know about the dangers and impact that a misused lawn pesticide can have on the environment and ourselves. Pesticides (and all chemicals) are like machines; they cannot think or make decisions. We must do that for them.

Chemical Lawn Pesticide Use or Abuse

All of us have a responsibility to help ensure against misuse of a chemical by becoming complacent or uncaring. Remember, a lawn pesticide can be misused in several ways:

  • Applying too much ("if a little is good a lot is not better").
  • Plants and animals can be sensitive to chemicals. The improper use of chemicals may cause injury and/or sickness.
  • Pouring unused or excess materials down the kitchen drain, toilet or gutter outside is a direct pollutant to our water systems and soils.

Reduced Usage of Lawn Pesticides

The Natural Alternative® and the Alternative® lawn programs developed by NaturaLawn of America have been able to reduce the use of insect and weed control pesticides by over 85% as compared to traditional chemical lawn care and spray companies. This equates to several thousand gallons of lawn pesticides being eliminated from our environment.

Integrated Pest Management for Minimal Lawn Pesticides

We do this through the use of our proprietary products that feed the soil and create a healthy environment for the lawn and soil organisms. Our IPM program allows us to make environmentally responsible decisions regarding the use of control materials, and our dedication to using biological materials further reduces the amount of synthetic lawn pesticides being introduced into the environment.

Before using any pesticide, please read the directions on the label and follow the safety precautions. Remember, children don't always know the difference between something pretty or something poisonous.

You shouldn't have to choose between having a healthy lawn and a healthy family and planet. For safer lawn care, please contact us today to get started.

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