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Get Healthier Roses with Organic-based Rose Care

The NaturaLawn® of America Rose Care Program is designed to care for the seasonal needs of roses. With regular rose bush maintenance, our program creates a healthy environment in which they can flourish. It’s time to enjoy beautiful, healthier roses with our Rose Care Program—another organic-based service by NaturaLawn® of America.

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What the NaturaLawn Rose Care Service Program Offers

  • A completely customized 6-visit rose bush maintenance plan
  • Properly-timed feedings for California’s long growing season and Pennsylvania's unique climate
  • Organic-based fertilizers for better plant nutrition

Our 6-visit program will dramatically improve the health and appearance of your roses!

Rose Bush Maintenance Plan

Dormant Spray

January – One application of Horticulture Oil for control of insects and mites on your roses

Early Feeding

March-April – Two applications of organic fertilizer to begin the rose growing season

Pre-Summer Feeding

June – One application of organic fertilizer to prepare your rose bushes for the hot weather

Fall Feeding

September-October – Two applications of organic fertilizer to make final rose blooms outstanding and prepare your plants for winter

Rose Care Expertise

The rose experts at NaturaLawn have a strong passion for helping customers get the lawn they desire and years of experience with rose bush care. NaturaLawn puts rose care expertise within easy reach. 

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What Customers Are Saying About NaturaLawn's Rose Bush Care Service

“I have had my roses for twelve years now. They haven’t had a better growing season than this past one. I give credit to NaturaLawn’s rose care service.” – Dennis in Upland, CA

With a little care and proper nutrition, your roses will produce vigorous blooms and be healthier throughout the changing seasons.


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