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Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Organic Honesty: "Organic-Based" vs. "Organic"

The use of the terms "natural" and "organic" can be very misleading and cause confusion if not used properly. At NaturaLawn of America, we have always taken the position that the public's perception of a word must be carefully considered before using it.

In its strictest sense, any material containing carbon could be considered "organic." Plastic, for example, could be considered "organic" by this definition, and as such, we don't refer to our fertilizers as organic, but rather organic-based.

From the public's viewpoint, as well as organic farmers and gardeners, "organic" is a term used when referring to nitrogen fertilizer sources that are derived from something that was once living, such as plants or animals and their by-products.

At NaturaLawn of America, that is the way we interpret "organic" too, and we feel that it is deceptive to call lawn fertilizer "organic" simply because it may have carbon in it.

Natural Minerals

NaturaLawn® of America lawn care fertilizers may also contain phosphorus and potassium, each derived from natural mineral sources and deposits. The phosphorus and potassium used in our exclusive fertilizers create premium products. Since they are from natural sources, they are relatively more expensive than the traditionally used synthetic sources applied by other lawn care companies.

We believe that the benefits of using these mineral sources far outweigh the economic costs involved. That's because phosphorus and potassium are critical in helping build a healthy soil that encourages dense root systems and vigorous turf, and promotes active soil organisms such as earthworms and beneficial insects.

Proprietary and Unique

We have developed all of NaturaLawn® of America's fertilizers in-house, so they are individually unique, as well as proprietary to NaturaLawn of America.

NaturaLawn of America lawn fertilizer is also blended with our own special package of a proprietary mix containing naturally occurring conditioners and microbes, which help plants withstand disease and stress.

Soil—the Foundation

Soils are the backbone for supporting plant life. Think of the soil as the foundation for a house and the house being built is your lawn. Let's assume we were to build two identical "houses" side by side. The only difference is that one house has a solid concrete foundation, while the other is built simply onto the earth's surface.

Both houses will continue to look identical until some type of stress is placed on them. Let's say a minor quake occurs and damages both homes. It's safe to assume that the house built on the strong foundation will fare better than the other—even though both looked identical.

Soil and NaturaLawn® of America Fertilizer

A lawn grown under proper soil conditions is similar to the house built on a solid foundation. Most lawn care companies forget the importance of the soil and feed only the lawn. NaturaLawn® of America's entire lawn care program is based on the premise that  

"We are not growing a lawn - we are building a soil foundation."

Feeding the Soil

We feed the soil with our lawn fertilizers—but not just any lawn fertilizer. While green plants don't know the difference between organic or synthetic fertilizers, the soil organisms do!

When we apply fertilizer to your lawn during the year, we are indeed feeding the grass plants too, but we do so by feeding the soil life first. This builds the foundation on which your lawn will thrive.

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