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Tree & Shrub Care Service

Tree and shrub care service

Keep Your Trees and Shrubs Healthy

Landscaping adds significant value to your property. In order to preserve that value, it must be properly maintained. The NaturaLawn® of America Tree and Shrub Care Program is designed to care for most ornamental plants in your beds by creating a healthy ecosystem for them to flourish in. Our lawn care experts can provide the pruning, pest control, and fertilization to keep your trees and shrubs lush and robust.

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How NaturaLawn Cares for Trees and Shrubs

  • Monitor – Our trained NaturaLawn technicians scout for pest, disease and cultural problems in your landscaping, trees, and shrubs.
  • Identify & Control – Once a problem is identified, your technician will decide on a proper treatment method. This may include using biological and biorational controls for insects and/or diseases on ornamentals 8 feet tall and under, as well as pruning out infected areas by your landscaper may be recommended. In certain cases, a pest will be left alone and monitored to give your landscape's natural defenses a chance to fix the problem. Following an Integrated Pest Management system is environmentally responsible because it prevents unnecessary control materials from entering the ground and waterways.
  • Fertilization – In addition to the monitoring visits, the program also includes a granular, organic-based fertilization for your trees and shrubs, usually applied in the fall.

What To Expect From NaturaLawn’s Tree and Shrub Care Service


At NaturaLawn, our technicians are experts in lawn care and will always arrive on time and in uniform. They will use tried-and-true arboreal and horticultural practices to care for your trees and shrubs.


You don’t need to be home for us to work on your lawn. We enjoy meeting our customers in person, but we understand that your schedule might not always permit it. That's why we’ll happily come, even when you can’t be present, to maintain your trees and shrubs.

Robust Trees and Shrubs

With timely pruning, organic-based fertilization, and targeted pest control, your landscaping will be set to flourish.

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