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How To Tell If Your Lawn Needs Watering (Video)

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Watering your lawn an appropriate amount is essential to turf health. Too little water and your grass will wither. Too much water and diseases can take hold in your yard. Learn 4 ways to see whether your lawn needs to be watered from the lawn care experts at NaturaLawn of America.

4 Ways To Check Whether Your Lawn Needs To Be Watered

The Color Test for Grass Health

Grass that has turned a blue or gray tint likely needs more water.

The Footprint Test for Turf Resilience

Take a step out into your lawn. Then remove your foot and take a look at the grass. Healthy grass has some spring to it—it will rebound as you lift your foot. If your step into the lawn leaves a distinct footprint of trampled grass, your lawn would benefit from being watered.

The Curl Test for Dehydration Stress

When grass is stressed by lack of water, each blade will curl up. To try to reduce evaporation when water is scarce, grass blades curl around their central vein in order to reduce surface area and therefore exposure to the sun. Your yard needs to be watered when you see grass curling up.

The Screwdriver Test for Soil Moisture

Take a screwdriver (or soil probe or shovel), stick it 3–4 inches into the ground, and wiggle it around. Then reach into the hole and feel for any moisture. If your hand comes up dry, you should water your lawn.

Support Proper Lawn Watering With Cultural Practices

Performing timely cultural practices can help a well-watered yard thrive even more. By aerating and seeding your lawn each year, you can break up compacted soil for better water drainage and improved grass health. It's also essential to mow grass regularly at the proper height and to keep your lawn mower blades sharp.

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