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Mowing Tips (Video)

Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Bryan with NaturaLawn of America. Mowing is an integral part of maintaining a healthy lawn, and if done correctly, allows a lawn to grow thicker and fuller throughout the season.

Keeping your lawn in the best shape is as easy as following a few important guidelines. First, be sure to mow at the correct height. When a lawn is consistently mowed too short the lawn itself compensates by shortening its root system. A shorter root system reduces the plants ability to absorb moisture and nutrients from deeper in the soil. Here is an easy chart [see chart in video] to show the proper height or your lawn based on what type of grass. If you're unsure of what type of grass you have in your lawn, send us a photo. Ask your local NaturaLawn of America. We are happy to help.

In addition to mowing the correct height, it's also crucial to mow grass when it's needed and not on a set schedule. The food production process for grass takes place primarily in the leave tissue. If too much of the plant is cut off, which is what we call scalping, it will damage the plant and put it under undue stress.

It is also important to keep your mower blade sharp. Dull mower blades rip, shred and weaken grass, opening it up to disease and insect attacks. Shown here [see video clip], dull mower blades also make turf grass look frayed. For best results, don't bag grass clipping after mowing. Clippings act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn, feeding the grass as it decomposes. The only times clippings should be removed are when the grass has been grown too long, or there has been a lawn disease.

Avoid mowing your grass in the same pattern. Although we can't argue that freshly stripped lawn looks gorgeous, cutting the same way every time can be damaging to the turf. Rotating the mowing direction will help the grass to stand up straight, as well as prevent wearing pattern and soil compaction. Proper mowing techniques go a long way in ensuring a healthy lawn.

Many turf problems can be corrected by using these tips, in conjunction with the quality lawn care program. For more information, please contact us today or check us out on Facebook .Thank you for choosing NaturaLawn of America.

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