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Natural Deer Deterrent Solutions: Preserve Your Landscape with NaturaLawn® of America

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When deer shift from admiring your landscape to feasting on it, it's a sign that it's time to consider deer deterrents. At NaturaLawn® of America, we specialize in deer repellent services that deter these creatures through horticultural practices and natural sprays, all without resorting to harsh chemicals that could pose risks to you, your pets, or the environment.

Deer's Destructive Habits

Deer's strong appetites can lead to costly damage to your lawn. Feeding, antler rubbing, and trampling are ways deer can wreak havoc on ornamental plantings. These animals are creatures of habit, often returning to the same feeding areas season after season until their chosen food source is depleted.

Deer Deterrents in Action

Breaking this repetitive feeding cycle is the best approach to resolving this issue. By making your landscape less appealing as a food source, deer will spend less time on your property, reducing the damage they can cause. This enhances the overall appearance of your landscape and could save you the expense and hassle of replacing damaged trees and shrubs.

Is A Garden Deer Fence Worth It?

Installing a fence around your garden or lawn is an effective way to keep deer out. Deer are excellent jumpers, so the fence should be at least 8 feet tall or have angled extensions to discourage them from trying to leap over.

Natural Applications for Deer Deterrence

Our deer repellent program revolves around monthly spray applications on ornamental vegetation. We employ an all-natural dual deterrent product that functions as a taste and smell repellent for deer. Importantly, this product has a pleasant aroma for humans, making it a non-intrusive solution for protecting your landscape.

When preserving your landscape's beauty while keeping deer at bay, NaturaLawn® of America's natural approach to deer repellent is your key to success.

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about our Deer Control Services, contact your local NaturaLawn of America location today, or call us at 800-989-5444!