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Pros & Cons Of Clover

Over the years clover has increasingly received a bad reputation. But did you know that at one point clover was a common part of grass seed mixes?

Before the creation of weed controls, and the concept that a perfect lawn is 100% grass, we had grass seed mixtures including 5% (or more) white clover. So sure, clover has a few downsides, but has anyone taken the time to consider what good it can do as well? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of clover: As you can tell, there is no cut-and-dry answer on the use of clover. There is however, enough information to make an educated stance for yourself.

Pros: Cons:
  • Clover doesn’t require fertilization. In-fact, clover will pump nitrogen into your soil acting like a natural lawn fertilizer.
  • It requires less mowing because it doesn’t grow as fast or as high as grass.
  • It can help your grass thrive during a drought.
  • Clover is a strong competitor to weeds because of its dense root structure.
  • It attracts beneficial insects to your backyard, such as bees, which encourage the pollination of your garden’s fruits and vegetables.
  • Clover will attract bees because of its white flowers. This can be unfavorable if you are allergic, or have people and pets who play on the lawn.
  • Clover is an invasive grower because the roots spread out far and fast. The roots can even creep over edging and enter into your gardens.
  • If you overseed your lawn with clover it can look patchy, while an all clover lawn can look lumpy and uneven.

If you do make the move to introduce clover to your lawn or garden be sure it is in fact what you want because clover removal can be a troublesome endeavor. If you want help getting rid of clover, contact your local NaturaLawn of America.

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