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Summer Lawn Care Tips

The longest days of the year are upon us, which requires us to be mindful of increased heat and sun exposure. Many times we focus on keeping ourselves and our family members cool but forget the living things in our yard can’t move to a cooler spot. With a few quick tips, you can help your turfgrass thrive throughout the summer months.

Follow Proper Mowing Practices

The first step to help your lawn thrive in summer is to mow properly. While mowing properly is important throughout the entire year, summer is a crucial time to maintain healthy turfgrass. Only mow when needed. During summer, your turfgrass may go dormant and require little to no mowing at all. If necessary, mow your grass high and always during the cooler hours of the late day.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp

It is important to cut grass with a sharp blade. Dull blades shred grass, opening it up to disease and increased stress. Lastly, leave grass clippings on the lawn as they are a good source of nutrients.

Water Deeply and Infrequently

If you have an irrigation system or sprinkler, water deeply and infrequently. Daily, shallow waterings can lead to disease outbreaks and a week root system. When watering, try to do so in the early morning before it gets too hot.

Remember to Fertilize

Proper lawn fertilization is a great way to maintain a healthy lawn, as your grass needs nutrients in order to thrive. Cool season grasses need less nitrogen in the heat of summer, whereas warm season grasses need more because of the different growth cycles of each type of grass.

Avoid Soil Compaction

Avoid excess foot traffic and parking vehicles on the lawn, which can compact soil, reducing the amount of air and water reaching the roots. Compacted soil can cause grass to die and create openings for weeds.

Wait for Weed Control

Weed control is best left for when cooler weather returns. Weed controls applied to your lawn in the summer may put it under additional unnecessary stress.

If you need help identifying or treating lawn issues, please contact your local NaturaLawn of America, or ask us about it on our Facebook page.

Summer Lawn Care Tips
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Summer Lawn Care Tips

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