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Tips For Hiring A Lawn Care Company

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Hiring a lawn care professional can be an intimidating task.

Not only will the company be responsible for the health of your lawn but they may also be around your house while you’re away. Keeping your family safe is important. Here are some tips on how to find a reputable lawn care professional in your area:

  1. Ask for recommendations from your neighbors—chances are good they’ll be a quality company.
  2. Research what companies service your area through a Google or Facebook search. Be sure to check out review sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and to read peer reviews on those companies, too.
  3. Make sure the lawn care company is licensed and insured to do business in your state.
  4. Call around and ask each lawn care company what it is that sets them apart. Rather than shopping on price alone, try and see the whole picture of what each company offers in their service packages.
  5. Avoid quick fixes or "miracle doctors". Your lawn is a complex micro-eco-system and it may take time to shift an unhealthy lawn to a healthy one.
  6. Does the company take soil tests? Are regular inspections of the lawn performed to make sure unnecessary products aren’t being applied? If one or both of these types of tests aren’t being done, you may be paying for services your lawn doesn’t need.
  7. If you live near waterways or in a state with a zero-phosphorus law you should consider more environmentally friendly options. Try searching for an organic-based company in your area specializing in phosphorus free lawn care.
  8. Ask about the billing and contract system. Try to find a company that doesn’t require a signed contract. That way, if you’re not satisfied you may cancel at any time. Note: certain states (like New York) may require all companies to have signed contracts.

Hiring a lawn care service doesn’t have to be complicated. If you follow these eight steps you should be able to find yourself a quality lawn care professional.

For those considering organic-based lawn care services, NaturaLawn® of America is ready to assist. Contact us today 800-989-5444 to discuss the health of your lawn.

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