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Deer Repellent Program

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Deer cause a significant amount of costly damage to our landscapes every year. Feeding, antler rubbing and trampling are some of the ways deer destroy ornamental plantings. Deer are creatures of habit, feeding (also known as browsing) in the same areas season after season, until the food source is no longer available.

NaturaLawn® of America's Deer Repellent Program is designed to break this feeding cycle. By making your landscape undesirable as a food source, deer will spend less time on your property, effectively reducing the amount of damage they create. Not only will this improve the overall appearance of your landscape, it could potentially save you the cost and hassle of replacing badly damaged trees and shrubs. Depending on the amount of deer pressure in the area, this program may make it possible to plant ornamentals that you would not normally consider.

Our program consists of monthly spray applications to ornamental vegetation up to 8 feet in height. We use an all-natural dual deterrent product that works both as a taste and smell repellent. It, however, has a pleasant smell to humans.


Q. How long will the treatments last?
A. Treatments can last up to two months; however, new growth should be treated more often.

Q. Will rain wash the treatment off?
A. No. The product we use contains natural stickers to keep it in place.

Q. Will the treatments harm my children or pets?
A. No. We use an all-natural product that is safer for the environment and will not harm your family. We do suggest waiting until the product is dry before letting pets and children enter the area because it is a wet application.

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