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NaturaLawn® of America, Inc. The Leader In Organic-Based Lawn Care®

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Thanks for taking a look at our special offer for first time applications!*

Your NaturaLawn® of America franchise is owned and operated by someone who lives in your area. And because we live and work locally, we take great pride in doing things the neighborly way.

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NaturaLawn® of America programs are customized to the needs of each individual lawn. We work with your complete yard environment to create a naturally healthy lawn by starting with a soil test to determine what nutrients are present or missing in your yard.

No other lawn care company can offer our exclusive, proprietary product lines, all of which are made to our specifications and packaged exclusively for NaturaLawn of America.

Our environmentally friendly approach to lawn care has been creating safer green lawns quickly and more naturally, with fewer weeds since 1987.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the NaturaLawn of America® family! We would be happy to prepare a free price quote for you. To make sure we connect you with our experts nearest you, let's start by getting your zip code ...
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