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Safer Lawn Care Service In Oxford, MS

Invest in organic-based lawn care in Oxford, MS for a safer, beautiful yard. NaturaLawn lawn services support the Oxford communities of Tupelo, Pontotoc, New Albany, Thaxton, Hernando and more. NaturaLawn of America Lawn Care: Your Oxford Lawn Care Service Provider with over 35 years of expertise.

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Organic Lawn Care Excellence in Oxford, MS - NaturaLawn®'s Local Touch

Oxford lawns face their own individual challenges, resulting from diverse weed, disease, and pest types.

Welcome to NaturaLawn® of America in Oxford, MS – where our passion for organic lawn care meets the charm and beauty of the South. In the heart of Oxford, a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant community, we offer specialized, organic-based lawn care and pest control services. Understanding the unique character of Oxford, from the bustling streets of the historic Square to the serene neighborhoods around the University, our team is dedicated to providing lawn care solutions that are as unique as our city itself.

Our Oxford lawn care services at NaturaLawn® of America begin with a soil test, providing the foundation for a customized plan, specific to your lawn's unique needs. Our natural fertilizers and controls provide the solution for a healthy yard, achieved through our complete Oxford yard environment approach.

From the rolling hills to the river plains, whether it's managing the lush greenery that thrives in our humid climate or protecting your outdoor spaces from the pests that come with it, our services are designed to ensure your lawn is a testament to Oxford's natural splendor.

Trust NaturaLawn® to bring a touch of Southern elegance to your outdoor spaces in Oxford, MS, with our commitment to environmentally responsible lawn care and community-focused service. Request a free quote today.

Additional Lawn Care Services We Provide in Oxford, MS

Lawn Aeration & Seeding Service

Lawn Aeration & Seeding Service

Brings new life to old roots and adds grass genetic diversity, building up tolerance to weeds, disease and drought.

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Lawn Aeration Services – Get Your Core Aeration Service Here

Lawn Aeration Services – Get Your Core Aeration Service Here

Aeration involves perforating soil with small holes to promote a natural flow of air, water and nutrients in order to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch.

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Organic Weed Control for Lawns

Organic Weed Control for Lawns

Each of our NaturaLawn of America locations offers our unique lawn care programs.

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Mosquito Ranger®: Eco-Friendly Mosquito Lawn Treatments

Mosquito Ranger®: Eco-Friendly Mosquito Lawn Treatments

NaturaLawn of America uses a proprietary blend of plant extracts, natural botanical oils and biorational products as natural mosquito repellents.

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NaturaLawn®: Your Local Expert in Lawn Care and Pest Control in Oxford, MS

Customized Care for Your Mississippi Lawn

In the picturesque town of Oxford, MS, known for its deep-rooted Southern charm and vibrant community spirit, NaturaLawn® stands out as the preferred choice for lawn care and pest control. Here's why our services are uniquely suited to the Oxford area:

Tailored Lawn Care for Oxford's Unique Environment

Oxford's distinct seasons and varied landscapes call for specialized care. From the lush lawns near the University of Mississippi to the serene residential areas, our services are customized to ensure your lawn flourishes in Oxford's specific climate and soil conditions.

Oxford-Specific Pest Control Solutions

Understanding the local ecosystem, we offer eco-friendly pest control that effectively tackles common Oxford challenges like mosquito and tick infestations, ensuring your outdoor spaces remain safe and enjoyable.

Comprehensive Services Catered to Oxford Lawns

We provide a full spectrum of lawn care services, including aeration and seeding, which are particularly beneficial for the clay-heavy soils common in the Oxford area, and our Mosquito Ranger® Service, tailored to address the local mosquito population.

Deeply Rooted in the Oxford Community: 

At NaturaLawn®, we see ourselves as more than service providers; we are an integral part of the Oxford community. Our dedication goes beyond lawn care – we are committed to enhancing the natural beauty and well-being of Oxford, contributing to the community that we proudly call home.

Choose NaturaLawn® for a lawn care experience in Oxford, MS, that is as rich in local understanding as it is in professional expertise.

Tackling Oxford's Lawn Challenges:  The NaturaLawn® Approach

In the heart of Oxford, MS, where Southern charm meets the vibrancy of a college town, lawns face a unique set of challenges. At NaturaLawn® of America, we've developed specialized solutions that cater specifically to the Oxford environment:

Adapting to Oxford's Climate

Oxford's hot, humid summers and mild winters create specific lawn care needs. We've tailored our services to ensure your lawn stays lush and resilient throughout these seasonal shifts, whether it's near the Ole Miss campus or in the quieter suburbs.

Battling Local Pests the Oxford Way

Our region is known for pests like mosquitoes and ticks, especially during the warmer months. Our Mosquito Ranger® and Tick Ranger® services are particularly popular in Oxford, offering effective, eco-friendly solutions that keep these pests at bay without harming the local ecosystem.

Custom Soil Treatments for Oxford Lawns

The soil in Oxford can vary, with some areas having heavier clay compositions. We conduct thorough soil analyses and provide customized treatments to ensure your lawn receives the right balance of nutrients and care, promoting healthy growth in Oxford's unique soil conditions.

Eco-Friendly Weed and Disease Management

Weeds and lawn diseases can be a challenge in Oxford's fertile environment. Our organic-based approach to weed and disease control ensures that your lawn remains healthy and beautiful, aligning with Oxford's community values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Water Management Suited to Oxford's Needs

In Oxford, where water conservation is increasingly important, we offer guidance on efficient watering practices. Our strategies are designed to maximize water efficiency, ensuring your lawn stays hydrated in an eco-friendly manner.

NaturaLawn® of America in Oxford, MS, is dedicated to providing local solutions that meet the specific challenges of our community's lawns, ensuring they are as vibrant and inviting as the city itself. 

Oxford, MS Lawn Care: Seasonal Tips for a Healthier Lawn

Oxford, Mississippi, boasts its distinct Southern charm and unique climate, demanding a personalized approach to lawn care. Here's a season-by-season strategy designed to ensure your Oxford lawn thrives in this special locale, regardless of the challenges each season brings.

Spring Awakening in Oxford: As the mild Southern spring sets in, it's time to prepare your lawn for the growing season. Start with cleaning up any winter debris and thatch. Early spring is ideal for overseeding to repair any winter damage. Apply an organic-based fertilizer to encourage strong growth. Begin a pre-emergent weed control program to tackle common spring weeds, considering Oxford's diverse weed types.

Summer Lawn Care in Oxford: The hot and often humid Mississippi summers require special lawn care attention. Adjust your mowing height to leave the grass taller, which helps in retaining soil moisture during the heat. Implement deep, infrequent watering in the early morning to optimize moisture absorption. This period is also crucial for organic pest control, especially for managing common pests like fire ants, while ensuring the safety of beneficial insects.

Autumn Lawn Preparation: As the weather cools, focus on strengthening your lawn for the upcoming winter. Autumn is the best time for core aeration, particularly beneficial for Oxford's soil types. Apply a fall fertilizer that's high in potassium to enhance root growth. Continue weed control and begin to reduce watering frequency as the lawn's growth slows.

Winter Lawn Maintenance in Oxford: Winters in Oxford are generally mild, but lawn care should not be completely neglected. While grass growth slows, occasional watering during dry spells is beneficial. Keep the lawn free of leaves and debris to prevent fungal diseases. This period is also ideal for planning and strategizing for the next year's lawn care.

Updated: February 23, 2024

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I have referred several people to your company in the past and part of the reason is that your workers are always super friendly and polite, including the guy who showed up today to begin our spring treatment. I appreciate this! 

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