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I started our services with you last year as a birthday present to my hardworking husband who'd become too tired to take time with his own yard anymore. Plus he had too much pride to admit defeat. As an added bonus I'd hoped for a more appealing lawn than we were able to create on our own.

We'd never had quality grounds...a lot of crabgrass and finally unsightly brown patch which was the final straw for me. I wish I had a better shot of how bad our lawn looked prior to calling on you guys. Year after year we'd cut and water our weeds & hubby said not to make a big deal about how it looked. Long story-short, I am THRILLED with your results! And your customer service is unbeatable!!

I tried to be patient & follow all directions your experts recommended. Patience paid off BIG! Unlike some services, NaturaLawn was able to not only get our lawn respectable looking the 1st year [but] we were the only house on our block with lush green grass, front & back throughout the winter! I'd never seen anything like that. Even the showcase yard's grass went dormant in the winter...but not ours! Lol.

The Drakes – Virginia Beach

I am very impressed with my technician! He did the application one day, I had a question and he called me back that evening to answer it! I am very impressed how my questions were answered so quickly!

Alfred Kotchi – Virginia Beach, VA

I am very pleased with my lawn! It looks very good and I am so happy with my technician!

Bernice Cheely – Virginia Beach, VA

I am so pleased with the results that I've received from our program thus far. I really didn't expect it to turn around so quickly but everything is just beautiful. My tech did a wonderful job. Way to go!

Karen Anderson – Virginia Beach, VA

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ and specifically tell you what a wonderful service representative my technician Jim is!

Jessica Sandlin – Virginia Beach, VA

So far, so good! It's been a bad year for lawns, but mine looks really good for July! You all are great! Thanks!

Jan – Virginia Beach, VA