NaturaLawn of America Lawn Care Service In
Chesapeake, VA

Portsmouth, Suffolk, Carrollton, Smithfield and surrounding areas

Franchise Description

100% Pesticide-Free Lawn Care

Natural Alternative® Lawn Program
100% pesticide free - perfect for households with children and pets. Promotes a healthy soil and lawn to deter pests naturally.

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Organic-Based Lawn Care

Alternative®Lawn Program
Organic-based with minimal, targeted materials used for those who want enhanced weed and pest control.

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*First application for new customers only
up to 10,000 sq. ft. when you begin a full program.
Cannot be combined with other offers.
Join our nearly 100,000 customers (we call them neighbors) nationwide and let one of our local team members show you a plan for your yard that is effective, environmentally responsible and safer for your family.

Have a lush green lawn, naturally, and with fewer weeds. A one-size-fits-all chemical program is not a safe approach to lawn care in Chesapeake, VA. As the recognized leader in environmentally responsible lawn care services, our approach is safer and more effective than traditional chemical services. Our NaturaLawn of America lawn care programs are customized to the needs of each individual lawn. We work with your complete yard environment to create a naturally healthy lawn that stays that way. You’ll receive:

  • Personalized service for your lawn care needs
  • Exclusive, natural and organic-based fertilizers
  • Effective and safer weed and insect controls

Let us show you our service is as superior as the safer lawns we create. Sign up for service today or request a lawn care estimate.

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I called to let you know my lawn has never looked so awesome. I’ve had TruGreen for 15 years and what they did does not compare to how you have turned the lawn around in 2 years. I will be referring you to everyone who asks.

Pat Greenlee – Chesapeake, VA

I called to say how impressed I am with your professionalism, which is something I never experienced in the 3 previous years using a different company! Way to go Jose'!

Linda Grooms – Chesapeake, VA

I wanted to thank you and your staff for going the extra mile to restore our yard. Your customer service is above and beyond what I expected. The two young men were here today for the follow-up weed treatment. I appreciated their effort and was impressed with their paying attention to detail. Thanks again.

Becky Gay – Chesapeake, VA

I just called to say I’m amazed at how wonderful the lawn looks with only 2 applications. I got my neighbor to sign up and the neighbor's lawn has never looked better. I’m very happy and thankful for your service!

Beverly Matais – Chesapeake, VA

[Results from a customer satisfaction survey] ‘Better than expected’ ranking given for: overall lawn condition, color of lawn, density of lawn, control of weeds, and control of insects. My technician and customer service are both ‘Awesome'!

Billy Canady – Chesapeake, VA