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How To Prevent Tick Bites

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Every year, tens of thousands of Americans are infected with Lyme disease from a tick bite. A bacterial infection, Lyme disease can become dangerous if left untreated and result in secondary health problems. By being cautious in environments ticks are known to inhabit, you can decrease your likelihood of being bitten by a tick and contracting the illness.

One key remedy to preventing tick bites is limiting unnecessary exposure in typical tick habitats. Ticks frequently inhabit wooded areas, brush, tall grasses, grassy fields, stone-faced walls, and shaded areas where maintenance habits are poor (leaf litter and ground clutter). Areas with large wildlife populations, especially White-Tailed Deer, are particularly likely to feature tick populations.

When venturing into known tick habitats, wearing specific clothing can increase your level of protection. Consider wearing:

  • Hat with visor
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Long pants (ensure pants are tucked into socks)
  • Clothes in bright or light colors (ticks do not like light colored clothing)

In addition to clothing which decreases skin exposure, be sure to properly use insect repellents, paying close attention to label directions.

After outdoor activities in tick-prone areas, and prior to coming indoors, check your clothing for any attached ticks, or have someone else check it for you. Brush off clothing and inspect your shoes and socks as well. Be sure to monitor for ticks on areas of the human body ticks tend to seek, including the hairline, underarms, groin, and area behind knees.

If pets accompany you during outdoor activities, especially in wooded or grassy areas, thoroughly comb through fur to ensure no ticks have attached to your pet. Dogs and cats are susceptible to Lyme disease, as well.

To protect your family and pets from the dangers posed by ticks, consider NaturaLawn® of America’s Flea & Tick Control Program. Our control materials are designed to be safer for the environment, and treat the entirety of your property for full coverage. With season-long protection, our program immediately reduces tick and flea populations, and doesn’t require any watering in. Contact NaturaLawn® of America today to enjoy the safer alternative for a tick-free property.

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