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March Lawn Care Checklist

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March Lawn Care


As we welcome the impending arrival of spring, let's shift our attention to the health of your lawn! Is your lawn ready for the burst of growth expected in March and April? Prepare your lawn with this checklist of activities tailored for a vibrant and healthy outdoor space!

1. Fertilizer

Kickstart your lawn's journey to health with an organic-based pre-emergent fertilizer. This powerhouse provides essential nutrients and acts as a formidable defense against pesky spring weeds. Timing is key, so mark your calendar for well-timed fertilization of trees, shrubs, and roses when the soil temperature hits the magic 40° F mark. This thoughtful approach ensures your lawn gets the nutrients it needs precisely when it can absorb them best, setting the stage for a vibrant and resilient lawn.

2. Mowing Season

As mowing season approaches, focus on your grass length, especially in warmer regions. The first mow of the season is very important because it sets the stage for the coming months. Be mindful not to trim too short – a moderate trim encourages healthy growth.

3. Soil Test for Tailored Lawn Care

Want the inside scoop on your lawn's needs? Prioritize a soil test – the secret weapon for tailored lawn care. Understanding the composition of your soil allows you to customize nutrient applications, ensuring your lawn gets precisely what it craves. It's the difference between a generic approach and a specific regimen. Armed with soil insights, you're on the path to a thriving lawn that's the talk of the town. Schedule your soil test with NaturaLawn of America today.

4. Trim Your Edges Like a Pro

Elevate your lawn's aesthetics by giving it a polished, framed look. Use a hoe or sod edger to delicately trace the edges around flower gardens, driveways, and walkways. This adds a nice, clean look to your outdoor space and serves a practical purpose by preventing invasive growth in these spaces. It's a simple yet impactful step in lawn maintenance that brings out the true beauty of your lawn. Embrace the art of edging, and watch your lawn transform into a professionally manicured masterpiece!

5. Picking a Lawn Care Professional

As spring quickly approaches, now is the time to pick your lawn care provider and services. Selecting a lawn care professional for spring is crucial. Simplify the process by seeking neighbor recommendations, researching online through platforms like Google and Facebook, and ensuring the company is licensed and insured. Differentiate providers based on unique services rather than just pricing. Prioritize comprehensive approaches, including soil tests and regular inspections, and opt for eco-friendly options if you're near waterways or in a state with zero-phosphorus laws.

For more tips, go to our “Tips for Hiring a Lawn Care Company” blog.

Our NaturaLawn® of America March Lawn Care Checklist will help you to prep a healthy and vibrant lawn this spring. For those considering organic-based lawn care services, NaturaLawn® of America is ready to assist. Request a quote or find more information at or call (800) 989-5444. Your lawn's health and beauty are in your hands.