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NaturaLawn® of America, Inc. The Leader In Organic-Based Lawn Care®

NaturaLawn of America: Getting to the Root of Lawn Care

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You're a neighbor. Not a number.

We knock on your door and say hello before doing your lawn treatment. We clean any debris from your driveway when we're done. And we leave a hand-written note after each visit.

We treat you like a member of our community. Because you are.

The NaturaLawn® of America franchise servicing your property is owned and operated by someone who lives in your area.

Get the NaturaLawn difference for your lawn.

Size and Structure

Nationwide, there are dozens of NaturaLawn franchises situated across the continental United States. Our environmental stewardship began in 1987; we have been innovating our approach to lawn care for decades.

All this means while we have the resources and reach of a large company, we treat you and your lawn with personal care and attention. We bring the shared knowledge of dozens of franchisees, treating numerous varieties of soil and grass across the country to bear on your lawn.

Why NaturaLawn? Because we care about the environment, and we care about you.

Lawn Care Programs

At NaturaLawn of America, we strive to bring you the finest natural lawn care. We provide an alternative to the chemical-heavy methods that dominate the lawn care industry.

Specifically, we offer two unique programs: our pesticide-free program called The Natural Alternative® and our organic-based program called The Alternative®.

Furthermore, we say "organic-based" carefully and intentionally.

Getting "Organic" Straight

"Organic" is a slippery term. It means many things in many contexts. By one understanding, anything that contains carbon could be called "organic"—but then plastic, for example, could be labeled "organic" just because it has carbon in it.

To organic farmers and gardeners, "organic" is used to refer to nitrogen fertilizers derived from something once living, as opposed to chemicals created in a lab. And NaturaLawn's fertilizers are naturally derived; we've developed them ourselves, in fact.

So we refer to The Alternative® program as "organic-based" because the fertilizers we use in that program are derived from natural sources, not synthetic chemicals. We feel using the more broad term "organic" would be ambiguous and potentially misleading.

It All Starts With Soil

Both of our lawn care programs begin with the foundation—soil. A soil test is the first step in determining what your lawn needs. Then NaturaLawn delivers a custom plan of action based on your lawn's particular composition of minerals, nutrients, and microorganisms.

Your lawn only thrives when the soil below it contains the right nutrients; your grass needs a balanced diet to grow thick and lush. That's why we like to say we're not just growing a lawn—we're building a soil foundation.

We Wrote the Book on IPM ...Well, Chapter

The results of the soil test provide a roadmap for treating your unique lawn. With this map in hand, we can then implement our industry-leading Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

IPM is a comprehensive lawn care management system that provides for the safer and more efficient use of materials to control insects, weeds, and diseases.

Our IPM is innovative. NaturaLawn® was the pioneer in challenging the "see and spray" approach that once pervaded pest control. Our expertise even led to recognition by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The EPA coordinated efforts to put together a textbook titled Integrated Pest Management For Turf and Ornamentals. NaturaLawn of America is proud and honored to have been asked by the EPA coordinator to author the chapter, "Implementation of an IPM Program Into a Lawn Care Operation."

Access to Additional Services

We respect the work of landscapers and mowing companies, but for us, we prefer to focus on what we're best at—providing safer and more effective lawn care and service to our customers.

That's the NaturaLawn of America difference.

Beyond our two core lawn care programs, yet still, within our focus on lawn care, various NaturaLawn franchises offer the following additional environmentally friendly lawn care services:

To see what services your local franchise offers, simply enter your zip code, and look under the heading "Local Lawn Care Services."

For instance, the franchise in Sterling, VA (which serves Leesburg, Potomac Falls, Purcellville, Sterling, South Riding, and surrounding areas) provides these additional services:

Don't Take It From Us

Hear what our customers are saying about NaturaLawn of America. Like Paul & Doris Pavlichek of Mount Airy, MD:

"I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with NaturaLawn of America. I had never used a lawn service before. I'm against putting more chemicals into the environment, so I decided to see what you could do organically. My lawn was 1½ years old—builder grade seed on builder soil! It was a lawn in need of some help, but I didn't know how wonderful it could look."

"Two days ago, my neighbor (who used one of the top chemical lawn companies) sounded a little baffled and asked what I do to my lawn – It looks like a carpet! We just smiled and said "NaturaLawn of America." That's when I took a good look at my lawn and everyone else's—our lawn is thick and green. Despite the recent drought, despite our lack of attention to our lawn, and despite its humble beginnings, it is a magnificent piece of work."

The Right Lawn Care Service for You

Choosing the right lawn care for your property can be challenging. We hope you choose us. We can give you a healthier, more environmentally friendly lawn than traditional chemical lawn care companies at comparable prices. In the meantime, check out our lawn care tips:

Ready to upgrade your lawn? Find the provider nearest you.